The advantages of Elite structure adhesive

ELITE has the most excellent research team, advanced manufacturing process and integrated service to satisfy all demands from customers. Customers will get overall technical support and outstanding service.

The advantages of Elite structure adhesives:
1、Elite structure adhesives have high viscosity and bonding strength. The bonding strength of some products can be over 28MPA.
2、Elite structure adhesives have high refractive index. The refractive index of some products can be over 1.51.
3、Elite structure adhesives have excellent elongation. The elongation of some products can reach 400%.
4、Elite structure adhesives have excellent weather resistance. Some products can resist acid, alkali, UV, water, wind and other erosion.
5、Elite structure adhesives have fast curing speed. Some products can finish primary curing process in 5min, which could improve manufacturing efficiency.
6、Elite structure adhesives are easy to operate for most customers.
7、Elite structure adhesives are environmental. All products have passed the SGS certification.
8、Elite structure adhesives have stable quality, which could create added value for customers.

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