The guidelines of useing Elite shadowless adhesive.


1、Clean and dry the surface of substrates without oil or grease.

2、Use the shadowless adhesive on one side of the surface before closure two substrates. Then make substrates lighted by UV light or high-pressure mercury lamp with appropriate wavelength(usually 365NM) and energy. Users need to ensure the light,from the center to sides, could pass through the adhesive layer.
3、It is suggested that light 6s before primary fixation. Then clean the squeeze-out glue and light 30—60s until curing completely.
4、The curing time is different due to the materials of substrates, the thickness of adhesive layer and the UV intensity. It is suggested that users can purchase the ultraviolet intensitytester to measure the ultraviolet intensity for reducing the rate of spoiled products.
5、The curing time needs to be prolonged because the temperature influences the active of adhesive.
6、 It is better to use fixed tool to prevent squeezing and friction.
7、Users need to think about the UV-absorbent content in plastic. The higher content will influence the transmittance of UV light and curing efficiency, even to prevent curing.
8、Please use low viscosity adhesives in bonding substrates with large areas.

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