The advantages and treatments of Elite adhesives in comparison with other adhesives

The advantages of Elite quick drying glue:

1. The adhesive must mix with the surface of substrates. It is necessary to think about compatibility.

2. The gap of substrates surface:

The adhesive needs to fit for the gap of substrates surface. It is better to choose high viscosity adhesive for large gap and low viscosity for small gap.


Users need to consider whether to choose non-whitening quick drying adhesive. The cost of non-whitening adhesive is more than other quick drying adhesive, such as Elite E1460.

3. The working temperature after adhesion:

Users need to match appropriate adhesives with temperature resistance parameter according to the working temperature. The temperature of quick drying adhesive is from -40℃ to 80℃, and some are over 100℃.

4. The weather resistance after adhesion.

If users have requirement of weather resistance, they need to choose relative adhesives with good weather resistance and aging resistance. For example, weather resistance and aging resistance of Elite E14210 is ten times more than other quick drying glue.

5. Rubber plasticized products:

It is necessary to choose rubber flexibilizer or appropriate adhesives for Rubber plasticized products, such as Elite E1480.

The treatments of quick drying glue before use:

1. The surface treatment of quick drying glue.

Clean and abrade the surface of substrates. If there is vapor or oil on the surface of substrates, please clean the oxide layer by solvent or abrasive paper.

2. Flame treatment:

Flame treatment is applied to PP plastic, polyethylene plastic, thermoplastic polyester and polyalkylene sulfide. The treatment is that put the surface of substrates into flame for several seconds to clean the oxide layer.

3、Chemical treatment:

Use the cleaning agent to spray the surface of PP, PET and other substrates which are hard to bond, such as Elite F7701 and F7702.

4. Plasma treatment:

Put the surface of substrates in ionic gas to improve the moist of surface and enhance viscosity.

5. Corona treatment:

Some substrates have high density surface which is hard for adhesive molecule to penetrate. For bonding well, it is necessary to charge and make corona treatment before use.

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