The application of structure adhesives

One-shop service for bonding metals
1.Integrated service and adhesives
2. Elite structure adhesives are widely used in various environment to satisfy requirements. The series of adhesives are made of polyacrylate. Customers could customize different package according to demands , such as 50ML 300ML 480ML, which can save the cost.
3. Overall pre-sale/ post-sale technical support. Elite can provide integrate solution and service for customers, such as door-to-door service and remote consultation.

The applications and advantages of structure adhesive
Structure adhesives have good properties of anti-peeling performance, impact resistance, high strength and easy to operate. The products, instead of riveting, welding, screwing connection, are applied to bond same or different substrates, such as metals, pottery, porcelain, plastic, rubber and timbers. Adhesive bonding technology. The the concentration of stress around joint is even. The product will not produce thermal deformation, crack and changes, when bonded by adhesives. Adhesives are applied to bond, repair, fix and anchoring components, which can be used to bond steel and carbon fiber, seal and repair holes, spikes and cracks.

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