The explanation of quick drying glue

The characteristics of quick drying glue
1.Single component, solvent-free and easy to use. 
2. Bond quickly. The glue can bond substrates quickly by using of vapor in the air.
3. Cure at room temperature. The product can be used at room temperature. 
4. Colorless transparency. Excellent performance without deterioration.
5. High strength. The product is applied to bond porous substrates.
6. Medium viscosity.The product is applied to bond small-area substrates.  
7.The adhesive layer has good properties with flexibility, non-whitening, crease proof performance and excellent light transmission. 8. Elite quick drying glue has good properties of aging resistance, moisture resistance, good radiation resistance and long-term stability.
9. Safety and toxicity. No volatile. No dangerous if inhaled. The glue is safe and non-toxic after curing.
10.Store at room temperature with good stability.

All Elite products have passed the SGS certification and environmental certification.

Attentions of Elite quick drying glue.
Use the glue slightly and evenly. Store the product by dark bottle in a cool ventilated place to avoid sunlight. Seal bottle after use. In addition, unopened products can be stored more than 8 months. This product is safe, if accidental contact with the skin or into eyes, please rinse with soap water.

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