The operational principles and attentions of instant glue.

The operational principles of instant glue curing:

1.Use the glue on the surface of substrates

2.Make surface vapor neutralize acidstabilizers in instant glue.

3. After neutralization, the monomer of instant glue will absorb air to neutralize the vapor on the surface of substrates.

4.The glue cures quickly.

These are the operational principles of instant glue.

Various instant glues are applied to different manufacturing process. For example, Elite 460 instant glue has good properties, such as little smell, non-whitening and low viscosity. The components are clean without any residue. Elite 410 instant glue can fill large gap with high strength, good tensile strengths, non-whitening, no-brittle property,excellent impact resistance and shear strength. It is applied to bond electronic products, metals, plastics, rubbers, electrical equipment, instruments and apparatuses with less curing time.

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