The properties of acrylic ester adhesive (quick drying adhesive)

(1)The advantages of acrylic ester adhesive (quick drying adhesive)

①Low viscosity and easy to soak the surface of substrates .

②High curing rate at room temperature.

③The product can bod various materials with high strength and transparent adhesive layer.

④Excellent heat resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

⑤Good electricalproperty.

⑥The residue is easy to be cleaned. And the glue is removable after curing.

⑦Low toxicity.

(2)The disadvantages of acrylic ester a adhesive (quick drying adhesive)

①Poor freeze-thaw resistance.

②Poor storage stability.

③Long drying time.

④High rate of absorbing water.

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