What advantages does adhesive bonding technology have?

The advantages of adhesive bonding technology in comparison of traditional methods, such as riveting, welding and screwing connection:

(1)The adhesives are widely used without the restriction of materials and the geometry of substrates. The adhesive can replace riveting, welding and screwing connection regardless of thickness, shape and materials.

(2)The the concentration of stress around joint is light and even with fatigue resistance and high strength. It is easy to concentrate, which is unlike riveting, welding and screwing connection. The product will not produce thermal deformation, crack and changes, when bonded by adhesives. The fatigue life of adhesives is about 4×106 times, which is many times more than the fatigue life of riveting (2×105 times). For the sheets bonded by adhesive, the vibration resistance of adhesive layer is 40%~60% higher than riveting and screwing connection.

(3)The mass of adhesive structure is light, which can save many materials used in riveting, welding and screwing connection. Moreover, the adhesive layer is plain and tide. Adhesive bonding technology can reduce by 20%~25% mass of airplane and 30%~35% cost.

(4)The adhesive bonding can plug the leakage of air, water and oil because of good tightness. It also has good properties of water resistance, medium resistance, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and excellent insulating performance.

(5)The adhesive bonding technology is easy to operate with simple equipment and effective automatic production.

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