What is the right method to use metal glue?

Metal glue consists of cyanoacrylate, which is different from plastic glue and general glue. It is widely used in plastic industry, rubber industry and metal jewelry because of its high viscosity. There are some methods of using metal glue.

  1.Clean the dust and oil by dry cotton or abrasive paper before using glue. Then use acetone or trichloroethylene to clean the surface of substrates.

  2.Use the glue after opening the front cover. If there is glue around bottle mouth, please clean it by cotton. Then wear a needle or PE burette on the bottle mouth in order to control the rate of flow.

  3.Only a drop of glue can bond the substrates well. Various metals have different curing time. Generally speaking, the primary curing time is half an hour. And the glue will reach the maximum of strength after 24 hours.

  Please clean and cover the bottle mouth after use. Store the product in a shady place.

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