Material safe data

Material safe data
Relief measures:
If breathe, please breathe fresh air in the well-ventilatedenvironment.
If contact with skin, please use cleaning agent or soapy water to clean skin. If the product causes skin allergies, please seek immediate medical attention.
If splash into eyes, wash by clean water for 15 minutes. Please go to hospital if people get worse.
If eat by mistake, please go to hospital.
Operation: Use the product in a well-ventilated area. Forbid to use the product in the environment with high temperature, freeze, spark and flame. And avoid skin and body contact directly.
Storage: Store the product in a cool place. The glue can not be poured back into the original container.
Shelf life:12 months
Personal protection:
Eating protection: The package was pasted as "industrial materials" or "Eating forbidden" label.
Skin protection and eyes protection: Use the product in a well-ventilated wide environment. Users need to wear the disposable gloves or fingertips when using. It is suggested to use automatic machine to glue to reduce human contact.
Stability and activity: Exposing to light and high temperature will affect stability.
Storage temperature: 8-28℃
Harmful decomposition product: Oxides of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus or other organic gas.
Can not coexist with strong oxide, acid and alkali.
This product is nonvolatile and non-carcinogenic materials. Generally speaking, the damage comes from contacting irritant. Repeated or excessive contacting will irritate the skin. And long-term contacting will harm eyes, especially for the first user. The main irritant is acrylics.
This product is low toxic, LD50>3000mg/kg
Ecological information
Avoid discharging into the pond or sewer before curing directly. The product is polymer which is harmless to the environment after curing.

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