The usage and attention of Elite quick drying glue

The usage of Elite quick drying glue:

1.At the beginning, clean the dust, oil and rust on the surface of substrates.
2.Open the outer cap and cut a small hole on the inner cap. Do not aim the bottle at human body or eyes in case of splashing.
3.Drip proper glue on the adhesive surface. Then fix 5-60sbefore using.
4.After using, use the cotton to clean the residue on the bottle.
5.Store the adhesive in the shady and dry place. If possible, it is better to refrigerate the glue.

Attention of storing Elite quick drying glue:
1. Please seal the remain glue well after opening.
2.Keep in the place out of reach of children.
3.The product is inflammable. No open flames.
4.If touch the eyes, please rinse with water right away or go to hospital immediately.
5.The shelf life can be 18 months in low temperature from 0℃ to 50℃.

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