How to classify adhesives?

There is not a united classification for adhesives. To study conveniently, we classify the adhesives as follows.

1.According to main ingredient, adhesives can be divided into natural adhesives and synthesized adhesives. And the synthesized adhesives are divided into thermosetting resin adhesive, thermoplastic resin adhesive, rubber adhesives and inorganic adhesives.

2. According to the form, adhesives can be divided into ordinary adhesives and special adhesives.

3. According to the requirement of bonding strength, adhesives can be divided into structure adhesives and non-structure adhesives. Structure adhesives can stand shear strength over 15MPa and uneven force after curing process. However,  non-structure adhesives have poor bonding strength, which are applied to the areas without stress.

4. According to the curing condition, adhesives can be divided into curing adhesive, high-temperature curing adhesive, volatile curing adhesive and light curing adhesive.

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