How to make the surface treatment before using adhesive?

Surface treatment should choose suitable adhesives according to the structure performance of substrates, adhesive type, applied construction condition and the bonding requirements. Different materials need different treatments in order to obtain the dry, clean and plain surface with appropriate chemical structure and roughness.

Common surface treatments are below.

(1)Solvent cleaning method   This method could clean the surface oil and other dirt with simple operation, low cost, excellent effect. Generally speaking, it is convenient to use cheap and available organic solvent to clean the surface. Sometimes, it is better to use abluent, such as water-basedsolvent and surfactant agent.However, it is worth noting that confirming whether there is surface erosion is necessary when using the solvent to clean the surface,especially the plastic surface. If necessary, it is better to ventilate and prevent fire.

(2)Mechanical treatment   The method is to treat the surface through blasting treatment. Or use the emery cutter and abrasive paper to abrade surface. Users need to prevent the dust in the process of treatment.

(3)Chemical treatment is common to deal joint. This method has property of efficiency and reliable quality, which is applied to mass production. Besides cleaning and abrading the surface, it can enhance the chemical properties of surface to improve the strength and durability. 

There are many surface treatments according to different requirements and conditions. The follow table has listed the bond strength of epoxy resin adhesive with filler towards different aluminum alloy surface treatments.

Table-1 Epoxy resin adhesive with filler towards different aluminum alloy surface treatments Bond strength according to different treatments

Treatments shear strength/MPa
Vapor degreasing, 90# blast, alkali wash,Na2Cr2O-H2S04,Distilled water 22
Vapor degreasing,Na2Cr2O-H2S04,running water 19
Anodic oxidition(non sealing) 13
Vapor degreasing,90# blast 12
Solvent cleaning,120# dry blast 9
Vapor degreasing 5
Solvent cleaning ( benzene) 4
Original state 3

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