The adhesive is affected by working conditions and environment in the process of using

Adhesives and sealants are applied under certain circumstances. Because the working environment will affect the properties of adhesives. During the bonding process, many factors influence adhesives, such as stress conditions, temperature, humidity, chemical mediators and outdoor condition.

(1)、Stress conditions. When the substrates need to stand inappropriate force and peel strength, users can choose those adhesives with good toughness, such as rubber adhesive and polyurethane adhesive. When the substrates need to stand appropriate force and peel strength, users can choose adhesives with high rigidity and tensile strength, such as epoxy adhesive and acrylic adhesive.
(2)、Temperature. Different adhesives have different heat resistance. Users can choose different adhesives according to the temperature.
(3)、Humidity. Moisture is harmful to the stability of adhesives. The water molecules, small size and large polarity, will damage or divide the adhesive layer by hydrolysis reactions, leading to less bonding strength and durability. So it is better to choose adhesives with water resistance, such as epoxy adhesives and polyurethane adhesive.
(4)、Chemical mediators. Chemical mediators include acid, alkali, salt and solvents. Various adhesives have different curing conditions and medium resistance. So users can choose adhesives and sealants according to the mediators.
(5)、Outdoor conditions. Most complex outside environments, including temperature change, wind, rain, sun and freeze, will shorten service life and make the adhesive layer age faster. So it is necessary to choose high-temperature adhesives with good weather resistance, such as phenol acetal adhesive and epoxy nitrile adhesive. Choose silicone sealant as sealant.

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