The case about shaft seal ring in aeroengine

The shaft seal ring in aeroengine (with 100mm inner diameter, 20mm width of ring and 6mm thickness of ring) needs a layer of sealant which can match the alxe and axle sleeve. It has good sealing property in highly rotating. At the beginning, there are little powder and debris. But the adhesive layer will not peel off in bars and strip structures. The adhesive layer can be cut into given size after bonding. So the adhesive has good properties of excellent adhesion, elastic property, anti-friction and temperature resistance.

1.Use the abrasive paper to abrade the internal screw thread of seal ring. Then clean the entire seal ring by the acetone plain silk. Soak in the chemical treating fluid before washed by water and drying.

2.Melt some novolac epoxy resin after heating. Then add different components and mix well. It is necessary to control viscosity. At the beginning, use the coupling agent on the bonding position of seal ring. Use the uniformgelatinizing quantity before drying. The thickness is about 3mm with low primary viscosity and a little liquidity. Ten minutes later, the viscosity has increased. Please adjust the thickness and uniformity of adhesive at this moment. Put the seal ring under the platform with clean polyester film. Use the intima coating strippingagent to fix. Then control the thickness of adhesive layer and fix the seal ring. If there are some positions lacking of adhesive, it is necessary to cover the substrates by polyester film after slicking the surface.

3. Put the seal ring into oven and heat to 80℃ slowly. After one hour, power-off before refrigeration.

4.Put the seal ring into the lathe. Make the adhesive layer satisfy the given size and assemble.

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